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Subject: Jeb vs Obama in 2012  

<>Jeb Bush will be the Republican nominee for the presidential election in 2012.  Owing to:
his Latino spouse; the new Republican Latino group (supporters of the new AZ law); and
the Michael Steele revelation that the right wants out of Afghanistan, Jeb the
smarter likely has an excellent chance of winning.
Obama will make Sec. Clinton his VP before that election. He knew her tenure as SofS
not only would cement her credentials as rock solid, but that time would heal the Hillary hate wounds.
The President has gotten something done on a good many of the items on his election slate.
Democrats argue not about why we haven't gotten anything done, but how far we went
with what got done. How far we went was in direct proportion to the Blue Dogs who spoke
for their moderate to conservative states.
Were Jeb Bush to step up to the podium at the convention and be able to say, for example,
that Obama wiped out an entire private insurance industry by implementing the
public option, I don't think the moderate R's and independents who voted for O would feel
real warm and fuzzy. States like CT would cease to exist.
So the first term has to be about getting a foot in the door with little-guy-centric laws
as a base.  By compromising we now have a place to begin.  In the future, we'll be talking
about improving the laws. We won't be asking when we're going to start something. Without
the compromises, there won't be a second term.
And about that Sherrod situation? I think the administration is set up perfectly now for the
next shenanigan.  Who's going to holler if they take their time to investigate whatever fake
scandal Breitbozo and Fox dish out next. It might have taken 2 cycles to get there, but don't
forget that Jones did have some legitimate skeletons in his closet.
 Laguna Lynn

It's hard to believe America is ready for a third round of Bush idiocy
but you never know about these idioit Rethugs.

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