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Jindal: 'More Gubmint, please'


In Louisiana, Gov. Piyush Jindal (R) has been a vocal critic of federal spending under President Obama, 
but as the state closest to the undersea leak, he already has requested various forms of federal disaster assistance. 
He's also anticipating that BP either won't, or won't have to under the law, foot the the full cost of all the damages associated with the spill...

Jindal's office filed a request for federal funds, saying that "in an abundance of caution, we are seeking this preliminary approval 
should [the responsible party BP's] plans fall short of meeting the needs of our people." That contingency note was as Jindal asked 
for federal employment benefit services funding from the Department of Labor to help pay for "disaster related workforce training 
and job placement services and unemployment benefit services for workers displaced as a result of the oil spill."

Jindal asked for Small Business Administration to approve more loans for local business owners by declaring an "Economic Injury 
Disaster Declaration." He wrote a letter to the Department of Commerce asking for a declaration of "commercial fisheries failure" 
so that his administration "can begin the process of assuring the fishing community, impacted coastal residents and businesses that 
economic and financial assistance that are needed can be counted on to help get Louisiana fishermen back on the water once this crisis has passed."

I've often said Rethugs and Teabaggers are like 22 year old kids.

They get a job, they move out of the house and, finally, there are no more rules.
They can drink beer all day, throw their dirty clothes on the floor and they can 
come home drunk with a stranger from a bar and have all the unprotected sex they want.

But when they lose that job, they have to move back home with Mom and Dad - the federal government.
And when that happens, you have to go back to playing by Mom & Pop's rules.

It's real easy for small-minded people to say, "We want fewer rules - get the feds off my back,"
but when you need to move back home, as Piyush Jindal does right now, you're forced to 
give up the all-day drinking binges and the unsafe sex.

That's the price you pay for the bailout.

These small-minded people like to yell "States rights" - until they need federal assistance.

Too bad the Democrats don't have the brains to list the facts or use the truth in their defense.
We often get tarred with the "you love big government" smear, but when you're in trouble
the government is often, and usually, your last resort at getting out of severe trouble.

The minute this oil spill disaster ends - assuming it does - Jindal will go back to screaming, 
"Get your brown boots off my throat. I'm a teabagger and I hate the federal government."

The Democrats should make Jindal beg - teach that bastard a lesson.

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