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Piyush Jindal Signs 'Guns-In-Church' Law
You can't worship Jesus unarmed?


If you're like most Americans, there's probably been a time in your life when you've been sitting in church, 
listening to a particularly ennui-inducing homily or enduring another warbly version of "Holy Holy Holy" and thought, 

"Man! I could really reach for some steel right now, squeeze off a few rounds, and let these fools know what the score is!" 

Well, in Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal has recently signed into law a measure that would allow you 
to at least feel comforted by the presence of your gun in the house of the Lord. From the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed into law one of the more controversial bills from the recent legislative session, 
one allowing guns to be carried into houses of worship. 

The bill would authorize persons who qualified to carry concealed weapons having passed the training and 
background checks to bring them to churches, mosques, synagogues or other houses of worship as part of a security force.

I am only too sure that a law allowing mosque-goers to carry guns to service will not rile up Louisiana's paranoiacs at all!

Some restrictions apply. The "head of the religious institution" would have to "announce verbally or in weekly newsletters 
or bulletins that there will be individuals armed on the property as members of the security force," and those lucky individuals 
would have to receive "eight hours of tactical training each year."

Eight hours of training?  Why so much?

These guys intend to spray lead in a house of worship.
Wouldn't God super-naturally guide those bullets towards the proper scumbag?

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