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Judge:  ‘Arm yourselves’ after budget cuts
You want less government?  Try no police


A county judge in rural northeast Ohio has renewed his call for citizens to arm themselves 
in the wake of police budget cuts that have left one cruiser patrolling an entire county.

Judge Alfred Mackey of the Ashtabula County Court told residents that the budget cuts 
meant the population could no longer count on police responding in time to emergency situations.

"We are living in a large county, and you cannot count on the availability of your sheriff to come to your home
if you are in danger in a prompt manner," Mackey said in an interview in which he reiterated his call.

The nightmare continues.

Some people say this overall problem started in California when they passed those Propositions.
They made it illegal to raise taxes so the governments, from top to bottom, are going broke.

If you Teabaggers hate government so much - move to f-ing Somalia.
They don't have any government there.

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