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Julian Assange arrested
He promised Armageddon if that happened...


I don't know enough about this to have an intelligent opinion.

Michael Moore seems to like the guy - Hillary calls him the anti-Christ,
but then, she's on a team and she's not free to speak her mind.

What's your opinion?

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I believe they are framing him on these sexual charges.

If not framing, they're turning the world over to get this guy and, besides Roman Polanski,
when does the entire world search for a man who's suspected of sexual assault?

The whore media news reporting on this has been the usual no-info bullshit, so I suspect a frame.
I don't need the details of the sexual assaults, but they say he "forced" the women - how?

Did he threaten their jobs?
Did he hold a knife to their individual throats?
Did he give them Wild Turkey 101 and claim it was only 90 proof?

And funny, the GOP is NOT accusing Obama of careless secrets handling,
which makes me think this is all Bush's fault - so the GOP remains silent.

But somebody needs to explain how some 23 year old nobody can download
the most secret secrets in the American military and diplomatic circles.

And why is this such a fuss when the cables I've seen weren't even signed?
The whore media tells us, "A cable from April 19th called Putin a pussy."
Well, who wrote that?  The janitor at the embassy?  Hillary?

If it's not signed, who gives a fuck?
Why are the cable such a big deal?
Why doesn't our government say, "Those cables are fakes?"

It's so frustrating to live in a country where the press refuses to print the truth.


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