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Subject: Kent State May 4, 1970 Forty Years Ago Today

4 killed, nine wounded including several who were paralyzed.
Except for a civil suit, not one Guardsman was ever charged – with anything criminal.
71 Guardsman, only 28 actually fired.

Jackson State, 10 days later, a black college: State Troopers fired 200 rounds into a women’s dorm because someone threw a bottle.

Orangeburg almost seemed to be Jackson State: state troopers firing on unarmed people who were protesting. 
Again, because it was a black college, it did not seem to have the same impact on the majority. 

I was in 10th grade when this occurred and change was in the air even in Jacksonville, Florida.

When I heard this and saw this on the TV. I assumed they would come for all the longhairs and anybody who was dissenting.
10 days later Jackson State occurred and, since they were black students, it made less of an impact – for some. 

For myself it only reinforced my horror at the divisions in American life and led to a life-long questioning of how
the news portrayed anything, the actions of the government (and it’s inaction), and the legitimacy of authority in general.

I was shocked at the viciousness of the comments of my elders, blaming the victims, saying 'they asked for it,' a charge I would later hear in cases of rape.
The events at Jackson State appeared as deliberate murder while Kent State seemed to be equal parts confusion, frustration and anger. 

If the US would kill it's own citizens who were merely protesting a war (what I have come to view as a vicious assault 
on a small country for no real reason except to impose our leaders will in an area to show the world our power), then what
were we doing around the globe?  As I have aged (54) I have become more divergent from the mainstream, not less, due 
to my constant source reading of the roots of our country. We started out as a nation founded on personal conscience, 
basic human rights. I'd like to see us there again.

Read more about the Kent State shooting

Some of the students who were shot had been protesting against the American invasion of Cambodia, which Nixon 
announced on April 30. Other students who were shot had been walking nearby or observing the protest from a distance.[

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