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Kos Pollster fraud representing self
Crooked Kos teamed up with America's whore media
to torpedo our best fighter so Obama could be president


The political world was rocked last year when Daily Kos accused Del Ali, president of the
polling firm Research 2000, of fabricating polls that Kos had commissioned. The charge cast
doubt on countless news stories, going back years, that had been based on Research 2000 polls.
Kos founder Markos Moulitsas sued Ali in California last June, alleging fraud and breach of contract.

Six months later, a negotiated settlement between the two parties has fallen through, and Ali's
lawyer recently recently withdrew from the case for reasons that are not clear. Ali has been
representing himself since Jan. 6, according to court filings

Meanwhile, Research 2000, once a significant player in the small world of national polling,
has gone out of business. Its website refers viewers to the Wikipedia page for "opinion polls."

I smell horseshit.
How can Kos sue a guy for giving him the polling results he wanted?

That'd be like Rick Lazio suing John Zogby for saying he was ahead in the polls against Hillary.
Zogby is a pollster for sale, just like Kos.

Kos hates Hillary and has for many years.
Kos put his mighty web page to work for Obama and spewed the biggest mega-lies
this side of FOX News and now he's suing the firm who gave him the results he wanted?

One could argue that Kos swayed the election for Obama, because we-love-Obama CNN
was goddamn orgasmic when they quoted Kos saying, "The biggest Lefty web site
says that Hillary is unelectable and if anybody knows, it's Kos."

When Hillary was the clear front-runner, those crooked Kos polls had her at less than 1%.
They had her so far down in their crooked polls that "Undecided" was kicking her ass
while Obama was flying high with something like 99.99% of the vote (slight sarcasm.)
Sadly, many Democrats who trusted Kos fell for his little trick.

So now it seems funny to see Kos suing because he got the crooked poll results he wanted.

I love that line, "The charge cast doubt on countless news stories..." that crooked Kos
fabricated in the summer of 2008.

Oh, really?
Are you saying Kos lied to us and sold us out
to torpedo our best candidate in 2008?

Gee, I had no idea...

Kos and our whore media teamed up and helped to change American history.
It's a shame that much power was in the hands of crooked, partisan sellout whores.
It's too bad Kos didn't have the integrity of the New York Whore Times (severe sarcasm).

I said it a hundred times back in 2008, that the Kos polls were CROOKED,
but people told me I didn't understand how Kos polling works.

Hey, I grew up Catholic and those nuns would break your fingers
if you made a mistake in math so I got pretty damn good at it.

I just wasn't "smart enough" to understand Kos's crooked polls that apparently
swayed millions of Democrats into "not wasting their vote" on Hillary.

So - our best fighter was retired while our "What can I do for the GOP?"
candidate won the White House and continued the Bush-era policies.
We'll never know how different things would be today had Kos been honest.


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