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Levin hates 'shitty' deals
 "Shitty' networks censor his remarls


Are the U.S. news media a bit more puritanical than the rest of English-language press?

That's certainly what the evidence suggests after Tuesday's epic Goldman Sachs hearings before the
Senate Subcommittee on Investigations. Committee Chairman Carl Levin brandished an internal 
Goldman email describing the fortunes of a "shitty deal"  engineered by the investment bank. 

Levin made a dozen references to that phrase as he questioned key Goldman executives. 
Although he was quoting from the record, most major U.S. newspapers balked at printing his words.

Because you newspaper people are nine year olds who never heard such strong language?
You bastards didn't have any trouble with non-stop "oral sex" talk twelve years ago...

I'll bet nuns say "shit" when they get a paper cut.  What's wrong with you?

Betty White says "shit" when she's in line to shake The Queen's hand.
I heard that Mary said "shit" when they ran out of wine at Galilee.

Funny, our kids watch violent murders every f-ing day on TV and video games, and that's OK,
But if a senator uses the language most Americans use to get to the bottom of a billion dollar theft,
we need to draw the line and protect the children? 

I think kids would rather have their financial future back.
They don't care about the detective's language who got it back for them.

F-ing moronic, backwards, Victorian America...

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