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Levin's 'shitty' critics
"Shitty' columnist bitches a bitch


When I called Senator Carl Levin's office yesterday to complain about his off color language, I was treated 
very rudely by the woman who answered. She dismissed my complaint and said that I was missing the "bigger point."

Maybe she dismissed you as a fundie handjob.
And yes, you missed the bigger point.

Goldman Sachs stole maybe a TRILLION dollars or more
and the Church Lady wants to talk about the detective's salty language?

I have a new word for you - blome.
That's b-l-o-m-e ...Blome.

How much are they paying you to set-up Senator Levin?

The insolence of her demeanor raised my ire...

This reads like it was written by an eighty-eight year old named "Edith" or "Ruby."

as I tried to explain that I was not missing anything, but this staffer wanted to deflect 
the reason for my call and refused to apologize for the Senator's poor choice of vocabulary.

Fundie, screw the reason for your call.

If someone says "Shit" while breaking their toe getting off the Titanic,
and you going to stop and lecture him on proper etiquette?

I'll bet you were OK with Bush when he turned America into Torture F-ing Nation,
but bad language from a Democrat?  What's this country coming to?

If you don't want those missing trillions of dollars to be located,
if you don't want the Wall Street Wild Bunch to be regulated, then just say so.

And if this really about language, ask your grandkids about the language most Americans use.

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