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Liars and Party Purges 
 by Steve Benen 


Every time a major media outlet insists "both sides" are guilty of trying to "purge" independent-minded members, an angel loses its wings.

He is exactly right and that need to be said more often. 
The whore media bends over backwards to help the Republicans with that "both sides" crap.

Bush lied us into a war, crashed the housing market, turned us into Torture Nation and erased the Constitution.
but Clinton had a girlfriend so BOTH SIDES are guilty - but it's not the f-ing same. 

The latest culprit is the Washington Post editorial board.

Utah denied Bennett's renomination last week. 
Liberals have targeted Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas.

There's quite a few problems here. The most obvious is the flawed effort to draw a parallel between Bennett and Lincoln. 
In the former, Bennett has been a reliably conservative senator from a reliably conservative state for nearly two decades. 
He was purged by the GOP's right-wing base for only being rigidly dogmatic most of the time.

Lincoln, on the other hand, really has proven herself to be a disappointment to most Democrats, not because of a handful 
of isolated votes, but because of her departures from party priorities on a wide range of issues, over the course of several years. 
Utah Republicans had no such beef with Bennett...

But it's the bigger picture that The Post gets especially wrong, with its description of 'the ideological purification of both parties.' 
I realize that major media outlets have an unwritten rule -- all criticism of Republicans has to include related criticism of Democrats, 
whether it makes sense or not -- but the evidence to bolster The Post's observation is lacking.

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