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Subject: No-fly zones

I cannot agree with you that we need to establish a "no fly zone" in Libya.

That's too bad - I'd like to see you on the correct side of this.

First off, just exactly where do we get the needed military to do this?

We have hundreds of ships doing nothing but training.

Where do we get the money?

Our military spends "X" every day training.
They can spend "X + 2 percent to save Libya and keep those dictator dominoes falling.

It is not exactly cheap to operate an aircraft carrier and conduct military operations,
considering we would have to first take out all the known anti aircraft sites before doing these operations.

Our planes fly higher and our missles fly farther than their AAA.
Hell, we could take their AAA sites out with drones.

Then, how do we get out any of our pilots that happen to get shot down? Helicopters?

They stay over the water. Libyan towns hug the sea.

What happens when one of them get shot down?

In the water?  No problemo.
Plus, they gotta shoot them down, first.

Pretty soon we are in yet another war, then there will be complaining about that.
We are not the world police, nor can we support any and every group that wants to
overthrow their leader, no matter how despicable that leader might be.

If you're a linebacker at Pizza Hut and you see some Barney Fife-sized punk
slapping his wife around you're just going to sit there and enjoy your dinner?

Unless and until there is a large concensus, with more than just the U.S.
doing the heavy lifting, we need to stay out of this uprising.
 John A

What if some scumbag was slapping your wife?
Would you want a stranger to step in?

I heard 8 countries want to assist and the Arab League is behind it.

Obama wants to wait for the UN - could be a mistake.

If Gadhaffy wins it will be on Obama.



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