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Subject:  I am never returning to my homeland  

Well, Bart, my friend, I am sorry but it would appear that you just don't get it.

Over the many years we've been doing this, I'm still struck by how many e-mails
start out with addressing the problem of my lack of brains.

I like Jimmy Page, you like Ted Nugent.

Does that make you crazy? 
You bet your ass it does, but I wouldn't mention that in the first sentence.

Why does my opinion have to be wrong?
Why can't I like the color blue, if I want?
Who decided that red was the only "good" color?

You have never been in harms way while serving (or forced to serve) in the military.

I've also never been to Tierra Del Feugo - but what does that matter?

We who were taught to believe that we had compromised our eternal souls so that you
wouldn't have to subject your family or neighbors or members of your community to
these "illegal" searches or scans, probably have done a piss poor job of raising hell with
each and every systematic, step-by-step attack on citizen rights. But hell, Bart, voting
and will of the people just doesn't mean crap anymore.

What about the right to land a plane in one piece? Do some people think a copy
of the Fourth Amendment will cushion their fall when their plane explodes?

In August I was leaving the country through SFX after a 10-day visit. Having passed baggage
and walk through metal detectors, I got directed by a lard ass who called out "pat down" and I
got directed to a small pen just to the left of the metal detector (like a free speech zone for one).

There a special TSA came over, explained that he was going to "search" me, I expressed my
dissatisfaction but raised my arms as directed. Anything that bulged was jiggled to check for
taping and squeezed to determine whether flesh or foreign. I was about to voice my anger,
but as my wife had cleared and was waiting for me, I let it go. I was never asked nor given
a choice to go through a scanner nor did I set off any buzzers passing through the detectors.
The cargo hold, the far greater target is still not given the same scrutiny.

I am never returning to my homeland until this Pavlog-dog crap is done. Americans have
surrendered their rights to fear and false security and neither the Rethugs or the Dimocraps
have any intention of EVER returning them. Patriot Acts 1 and 2, the Military Commissions Act
sans Comme Positatus and der Homeland Security are not aimed at a few mad genius cave dwellers
with laptops and cell phones. the entire legal might and weaponry of your government is aimed at you
and all your communications, purchasing patterns and movements citizen. Resistance is futile.

I will miss Thanksgiving Dinner and even Christmas, but not the searches and seizures to get to Grandma's house.

Seasons Greetings,

Lonnie in Tokyo
2nd Sq 1st Cav Reg 4th ID - Pleiku '68-'69

I will give you credit for inadvertantly answering the BIG question.

For those who don't like the TSA's action, what's your solution?

You've chosen to disengage with America, and that's your right.
You've also chosen to not see your family again, which is also your right.

Thanks for the e-mail.


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