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In Cash We Trust
But Unions We Bust
by Gene Lyons


Recent events in Washington and Wisconsin have me thinking that maybe we should just go
ahead and change the national motto to something more truly reflective of today's America.
Forget "e pluribus unum" with its elitist overtones. Also, what people who make a big thing over
"In God We Trust" really mean isn't so much that they approve of the deity, as that God approves of them.

Anyway, here's my suggestion: "Money Talks."

Think about it. In Washington, GOP Speaker John Boehner, asked about the near-certain loss
of several hundred thousand jobs should severe Republican budget cuts go through, responded, "So be it."

This in the immediate aftermath of extending the Bush administration's tax cuts for millionaires
that basically created the national debt his party now pretends to be so concerned about.
Previous to 2009, not so much.

"We're broke," Boehner elaborated, although the stock market's now soaring, the bailed-out
Wall Street investment banks, whose reckless gambling sent the world economy into a near-death spiral,
are doling out billions in bonuses to insiders, while American corporations are sitting on a growing
mountain of cash, and while unemployment remains above 9 percent even as some companies
openly refuse to consider hiring anybody who hasn't already got a job.

Money Talks.

The answer to America's economic problems is simple: Tax the super-rich,
but nobody will say it because the super-rich own the networks and the newspapers.

The people with $10M can't live on $9M so we'll just have to remain a broken, third-rate country.

The the poor don't have enough heating oil - fuck 'em.
If the poor children don't have enough food - fuck 'em/

It's important that Obama impresses The Bitch and The Boner with his willingness to get along.



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