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Right-wingers dodge responsibility
 by Gene Lyons


Political assassinations and assassination attempts are more common in the United States than just
about anywhere. During my adult life, lunatics with guns or bombs have changed American history
more than any election. President John F. Kennedy, Sen. Robert Kennedy, the Rev. Martin Luther
King Jr., Gov. George Wallace, President Ronald Reagan and 168 innocent victims in Oklahoma City.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg's, D-N.J., big reform idea is to outlaw 30-round ammo clips.
So instead of carrying one Glock 9mm with three clips, the next mad assassin would need to pack
three Glocks for whacking congresswomen, judges, senior citizens and little girls.

Which brings us back to Sarah Palin. No, it's not her fault in any legal or moral sense, although if
somebody shot Palin herself after, say, Michael Moore put Alaska in the cross hairs, there would be hell to pay.

It's not the fault of those yo-yo's swaggering around Tea Party meetings carrying assault weapons,
displaying "Liberal Hunting Licenses," or listening to that Froot Loop Glenn Beck's delusional rants
about President Obama's imaginary concentration camps.

But you know how we're constantly being told how the Democrats are the party of no consequences,
no personal responsibility and crippling moral relativism?
It turns out they're not the only ones.

I don't know why Gene is mocking Lautenberg's smaller-slip idea.
In his example, the shooter will either have 93 bullets or, say, 30.

Would you rather have 93 bullets fired at Safeway or 30?

The survivors' only chance to tackle the bastard is
when he re-loads his gun.
If the AZ shooter had two guns with ten-bullet clips, he could only have
gotten off twenty shots instead of 31.

That's eleven bullets that would not have been fired.
Who can say those 11 extra bullets made no difference?

That handjob at Va Tech was stopped the same way - he ran out of bullets
and when he tried to re-load, they tackled him.

I think a ten-bullet magazine is plenty for a gun.
Let the cops carry bigger clips, but it should be mandatory prison time
if you're caught with anything larger than a ten-bullet clip.

Of course, the NRA, which owns the Supreme Court and the GOP, won't allow it.
They think murders like the AZ shooter should be free to fire as many rounds as he wants.

How do we lose these arguments when,
once again, the facts are on our side?



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