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Time to Slam the GOP
 by Gene Lyons


If the White House wanted to make a real fight of it, (Gene is kidding - he knows better than that) Obama
would spend the next two weeks reading aloud from the official correspondence of GOP congressional
leaders. But has he got the necessary will?   (See - I told you he was kidding.)

Take Rep. Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota, for example. Campaigning for re-election, the photogenic
tea party heroine postures boldly against taxes and government spending. A bitter critic of Obama’s efforts
to improve the economy, she specifically and repeatedly derides “the failed Pelosi trillion-dollar stimulus.”

Somewhat less publicly, Bachmann has taken a different position. Researchers for the nonpartisan Center
for Public Integrity released a bunch of letters she wrote to various federal agencies seeking stimulus grants
for her district. Perhaps the most telling is one she sent to the Transportation Department seeking money
for a bridge over the St. Croix River.

Funding the project, Bachman argued “would directly produce 1,407 new jobs per year while indirectly
producing 1,563 a year - a total of 2,970 jobs each year after the project’s completion.”
A more basic conflict with tea party theology is hardly possible.

But nobody's going to point that out because they're Democrats.
Instead of fighting back, our team stands there, wringing their hands in fear.

There are hundreds of ways to slam the GOP - you just need to list the facts
but our guys haven't figured out the combination to that terribly-tough lock
even tho Clinton wrote it down for them when he left office.


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