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We need an actual budget...
 by Gene Lyons


On the day the Obama administration released its FY 2012 budget, two friends who don't
know each other sent different reactions. First William, a passionate New York Democrat:
"Yeah, let's cut public health services," he wrote. "Pardon me while I puke. Will this gutless worm
fight for anything? He accepts GOP premises and fights on their turf."

Next Jennifer, a less partisan Arkansas Republican: "Obama, reducing the deficit by reducing
Pell Grants is NOT a good idea," she wrote. "That might hurt more than it will help. Even with
scholarships, I still relied heavily on every penny of my Pell Grants and worked at least two
part-time jobs all through college. I say cut elsewhere."

Then there's Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.
Granting that with Republicans controlling the House the White House budget is mostly
political theater, he assesses its "symbolic meaning."

To Krugman, the budget signals that Obama ‘has effectively given up on the idea that the
government can do anything to create jobs in a depressed economy. In effect, although
without saying so explicitly, the Obama administration has accepted the Republican claim
that stimulus failed, and should never be tried again.’

Yes, we do have a big problem.

Obama refuses to fight for ANYTHING and he's probably going to win re-election
by moving more and more towards the positions championed by The Bitch and The Boner

That means no liberal causes will be fought for until at least 2016, which will probably
be won by a Republican - the country being tired of 8 years of ineffective Demo rule.

So America won't be moving forward for the next 12-16 years - that's fucking sad as hell.



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