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"Ma'am, you shot me in the head"
  The funnest story in today's issue!


Police said the woman was walking through a dark Tulsa parking lot about 3:50 a.m. on her way
back home from a fast-food restaurant.  As the woman arrived home, two men forced their way
inside brandishing screwdrivers as weapons and demanded money.

The woman initially cooperated with the men's demands, but when one intruder told her to undress
and tried to take her pants off, she persuaded the men to let her get money out of her purse first.   ha ha

When she got to the purse, she produced a revolver from it and shot one scumbag in the leg.
A struggle for the gun broke out, and her boyfriend awoke and tried to help.

The boyfriend grabbed one of the men as they were beating the woman and gouging her eyes.
The other man then began to choke the boyfriend as the woman, who had held onto the gun,
fired additional rounds, striking the man who was choking her boyfriend.   
You go, Girl!

She then fired additional rounds, striking both men in the head and killing one.

You go, Girl!

The 911 call was recorded and one scumbag can be heard saying, "Ma'am, you shot me in the head."

You go, Girl! 

<>When your rapist tells you to take off your pants,
wouldn't it be comforting to know you have a revolver nearby?

We have one dead rapist and the other rapist has been charged
with the first rapists's murder - because she was in a position to defend herself.

Of course, not walking thru a dark parking lot at 4 in the morning is a good idea, too.

Note: Please don't buy a gun because *I* said it was a good idea.
If one of your kids gets hold of that gun, I don't want to be responsible..

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