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Majority says 'Tax the rich'
61% say that's best to deduce deficit


Americans of all income levels overwhelmingly favor raising taxes on the rich over
any other method available to reduce the budget deficit, a new poll has found.

According to a survey conducted for Vanity Fair and CBS, 61 percent prefer
increasing taxes on the wealthy as the first step to balancing the budget.
Only 20 percent chose the second-most popular option -- cutting defense spending.

Cutting Medicare and Social Security -- the other two options -- got four percent
and three percent support, respectively.

Even among the relatively wealthy -- those earning above $100,000 -- 46 percent
said they wanted to see tax hikes on the wealthy before any other steps were taken.

The poll suggests Republicans may find themselves taking an unpopular stance
when they challenge President Obama and the Democrats on the issue of raising
the debt ceiling, as they have vowed to do.

Who says Obama and the GOP are on different sides of this issue?

Obama decided to join the GOP's gifting the super-rich for no reason
when polls showed only 29% wanted things done that way.

From past indicators, Obama will go with whatever Bitch & Boner want
and if his base says anything, he'll insult them and talk down to them.


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