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McCain's 180 on Immigration
He's been every color in the rainbow


John McCain continues, comically, to move far to the right on immigration reform,
for the noble purpose of winning his own primary. The former champion of creating
paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants now just barks "no amnesty," like everyone.

In case anyone forgot: John McCain and Ted Kennedy worked together in 2007 to create
a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would work to secure the border but also
create a process to move most illegal immigrants towards legality, which seemed like a
better option than arresting millions and millions of people.

McCain then shifted towards a more balanced and "tough sounding" position earlier
this year: "complete the danged fence," the very thing he thought was a stupid idea
three years ago. No one would ever sneak across again, save a few million. This would
cost a lot of money, too.

Now McCain said Tuesday he would favor immigration reform that would deport
many of the residents of the United States who are here illegally.

Wouldn't it be nice to see the McCain clown retired?

Of course, that will only happen in the Hayworth clown can defeat him,
but maybe this is the Year of the Teabagger - in the primaries.

McCain is the biggest flip-flopper of our generation but you wouldn't know it because
the Democrats have always refused to list his many changing positions on the same subject.
I assume Hayworth has no revulsion to listing the facts?

Buh Bye, Johnny.

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