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Media refuses to burn Breitbart
 Lying is a plus in today's whore media 


If you're a writer or journalist and you quote someone selectively or out of context so egregiously that you can
twist their words to mean the very opposite of what they actually convey when they're quoted in full or in context,
what you have done is not just mischievous or aggressive, it's outright wrong. If you're a professional, then you've
committed an act of professional malfeasance.

And if you get away with this sort of stunt repeatedly, despite being exposed and shamed for it, then you are
pulling off a grand heist -- stealing the credibility of larger media and government institutions that continue to pay attention to you.

This, in a nutshell, describes the challenge Andrew Breitbart has presented to the world of journalism, first with
his ACORN deception and now with his Shirley Sherrod stunt. So far, journalism is failing to meet it.

By this point, Breitbart ought to be an object of snorting derision in the journalism profession. He ought to be
shunned by respectable news organizations and mocked in public. He deserves the sort of ostracism that until
recently was reserved for serial plagiarists...

But mostly, Breitbart gets off with being described as a rambunctious bad boy whose behavior is the result
of overly ardent partisanry rather than simple unfairness and lack of decency.


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