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Michael Vick denies involement in shooting
That was the healine in the whore USA Today


This is not about me sticking up for a convicted dog killer - this is about our shameless whore press.
They get their jollies printing that "Vick denies involvement" crap, then when you read the story,
it says the nightclub's security video shows Vick leaving 10-20 minutes before the shooting that
"happened a block away."

So it's pretty obvious that Vick could not have been directly involved in the shooting,
but the whore USA Today knows a headline with Vick's name will grab attention.

What did we do to deserve such a horrible, lying press in this country?

There's no lie they won't tell to sell more newspapers and more commercials.
There's no amount of shame they won't wear like perfume if it makes then one extra dollar.

By now, I assume America is last in the Freedom of the Press department.


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