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Mike Pence wins straw poll
He passes for 'normal' in today's climate


Teabagging Rethugs chose the No. 3 Thug in the House, Mike Pence, as their top choice
for president for 2012 in a straw poll on Saturday.

The nonbinding opinion vote among 723 social conservatives attending what organizers called the
"Values Voters Summit" put Mike Huckabee in second place 012, with 22 percent to Pence's 24 percent.

Alaska's Publicity Whore Sarah Palin placed fifth, with 7 percent of the vote. Mitt Romney placed third,
with 13 percent and nutbag Newt Gingrich placed fourth, with 10 percent.

Pence, who has championed anti-abortion legislation, also was the straw poll's top pick for vice president.
So the convention's organizer, the Family Handjob Council, declared Palin the vice presidential winner,
as she garnered the second highest number of votes for that position.

"What a dream ticket -- Mike Pence and Sarah Palin. That would give the liberals heartburn,"
said Tony Perkins, the Family Handjob Council's president.

You guy pick your leaders by deciding which of them make the sane more angry?

Have you ever tried going with brains, or competence?


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