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Minority GOP could control House
  What?  They're doing it right now


Republicans could pick off enough support from wayward Democrats to take control of the House,
even if they don't win an outright majority, a member of the GOP leadership suggested this weekend.
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the GOP's chief deputy whip and director of recruiting new candidates,
suggested Republicans could win the speakership or, at the very least, enjoy de facto control of the House,
even if they don't win the 39 seats needed to gain an outright majority.

"We need 39 seats. Take it, for instance, say we win 34," McCarthy said in an interview.
He suggested if that happens some Democrats might not support Pelosi to be speaker,
and might instead opt to vote with Republicans to pursue their priorities.

"Why would they want to keep Pelosi? And why wouldn't they want to go with other people to be able
to produce it?" McCarthy asked as reporters scrated their heads, wondering what the hell he was saying.

"Why do you think that if we don't win 39, we still couldn't be able to get speaker?"
His musings suggest the GOP is looking at options to make The Boner the speaker of the House
by pursuing a coalition with Democrats.

Hey, that'll be easy.
You can't swing a dead cat in the senate without hitting an Obama backstabber.


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