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Karl Rove paragraph
by Karl Rove, mostly lying bastard  Link

It's not too early to assess the damage done by America's 44th president.

Of course it is - what "damage" has he done?
(Besides the damage to the Democratic party, I mean.)

You sons of bitches set the house on fire
and now you claim Obama's water bill is bigger than Bush's?

He squandered his mandate and the public's enormous good will.

That's at least temporarily true, since he's down 25 points or so in the polls.
Let's talk about why he's down 25 points.

He alienated voters and dropped a heavy yoke on his party with useless spending

No, YOU sons of bitches alienated the stupidest, most bigoted voters
with your non-stop litany of lies about a man who's gilty of being Black.

Remember, "John McCain has a nigger baby?"
That was YOU, motherfucker, because that's the only way you can win. 
You can't win on the facts so you scare the stupidest 1/3 with your race-baiting bullshit.

and a shockingly unpopular health-care bill.

Again, you semi-have a point, but you've having to do a lot of twisting.

Before you and Bush ruined the country, one of our biggest needs was affordable health care.
For some reason, Obama abandoned his post and turned all power over to Pelosi and Reid
who quickly and super-stupidly snuck in 3,000 pages of bullshit rules and laws and earmarks,
making the bill so goddamn big that nobody in America read the son of a bitch.

If Obama had come to work and drafted a forty-page health care bill,
you wouldn't be able to accuse him of giving us health care we didn't want.

With pressure mounting and a potentially epic loss looming,

I love the way everybody is giving their Nancy Grace guarantee on election disaster,
but until you're willing to bet on it, it's just a hunch you claim to have. I have a hunch
the Cowboys ares going to lose again this weekend - what's your hunch?

Mr. Obama has gone from a commanding, engaging candidate

Wait, I thought he was an al Qaeda sympathizer from Muslimville, Kenya.
When was he
a "commanding, engaging candidate" in your eyes?

to an arrogant, self-pitying president.

Fuck you,. liar.
He's too damn meek and mild - that's what his problem is.
How can a man who NEVER gets angry be arrogant?

It is not pretty to witness.    

I agree, but neither was impeachment and you sons of bitches stayed with that like herpes.

Aren't you ashamed that you can only win my screaming "nigger lover" at your opponents?
Granted, you win a lot, but your games are always fixed in advance.

You won't fight anybody without putting knockout lotion on your gloves.
That makes you a pussy who can't fight for real.

As long as there are easily-scared, super-ignorant racists, Karl,
you'll never have to worry about where your next slimy dollar is coming from.

PS. You got any gamble in you, Karl?

You claim Obama is
an arrogant, self-pitying president.
I'll bet you $5,000 that Obama leaves office
with an approval rating at least five points higher
than when your Fuhrer Monkey left.

How about it, Karl?

I'm spotting you five points.
If you're not in, that means you're a lying pussy.

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