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Subject: Mr Mustard on "Angry with Obama"

We are in real trouble, as every thinking person outside of the beltway knows.
The banks own us, and because of the bailout they (now) know they can get away with anything they want.
Oh sure, they may delay foreclosures for a few weeks just for public relations sake,
but they own the Republicans, and they own the Democrats. Want proof?
Last week there was a voice vote on an seemingly innocent interstate commerce bill,
that sailed through Congress, Rethugs and Dems alike voting off the record that would have
made it easier for the banks to foreclose on mortgages without the necessary documentation.
Those are our Democrats who VOICE VOTED this bill so their votes can't be traced.
Then they went back to stumping for the people. Uh huh. We know the rethugs are in bed with the banks.
Now to President Obama's credit he vetoed the bill, but then he turns around and allows
Eric Holder to announce he will prosecute Californians if they legalize marijuana.
This is how I see it. The Democrats are spoiled due to their successes and lifetime government
benefits so they don't know just how screwed the middle class is.
So President Obama still is playing the game, he will appear tough to appease the right and independents.
He is a good man, thus the veto, but he is playing a game that was over in the year 2000.
The corporations and the banks own us and they will not stop stealing our money, until we pass laws
preventing them from doing it. Laws such as Glass Steagal which President Bill Clinton signed out of law.
I guess what I am trying to say is the Dems are not with us anymore and the voice vote proved it.
President Obama? He doesn't understand. He means well, but he doesn't understand that while he
does not want to upset the banks, he is losing the country. I don't mean losing votes, I mean losing
 America to corporate fascism.
I worked hard for the Dems, but look at Mary Landrieu and how she is shilling for the oil companies,
so much so she is hurting President Obama's administration.
Look at the Dems voice vote over the interstate commerce bill and you tell me,
when it matters who side are they on? The banks.
I don't know what to do. The rethugs are plain fascists and religious nuts,
supported by the most stupid people on Earth: The teabaggers.
The banks are bad news, and I am too old to play anymore.
Either you are on my side or the bank's side and it appears the banks have won.
It will be another depression, where us regular folk are hungry and homeless
before we have the guts to fight the banks and corporations.
Prison is starting to look pretty good really, a roof over our heads, steady meals and regular sex.   ha ha
Beats homelessness, starvation and in debt to corporate health care companies and banks too big to fail.
Yet the Democrats tell us they are on our side and vote this election.
The interstate commerce bill voice vote told me all I need to know.
But don't smoke pot, because the Dems must demonstrate they are tough on crime.
I am laughing to stop from crying.
 Mr. Mustard

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