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Musclehead caught voting twice

            "I can only vote once?"


California Gov. Arnold Musclehead had some trouble with "a ballot mishap" in Los Angeles.

Poll worker Keta Hodgson says a scanning machine rejected Schwarzenegger's first ballot 
Tuesday because the ignorant fool selected two Senate candidates, instead of one.

Hodgson says the clueless oaf was given the choice of filling out a new ballot 
or not having his Senate choice count. He cast a fresh ballot.

"I was tinking about da tiddys" he told nearby reporters.
"Tiddys come in twos, dat's why I voted twice."

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is the front-runner on Slave Owner's ticket 
for U.S. Senate, which means her ass will be kicked by Barbara Boxer in November.

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