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The N-word belongs in "Huckleberry Finn"
The new censored version of the classic book is a cowardly
attempt by Americans to avoid their own tortured history


The Internet is on fire today with the news that the American classic "Huckleberry Finn" is being
edited to censor the word "nigger." In order to make the book more palatable for a wider audience,
Twain scholar Alan Gribben spearheaded the project to neuter one of the greatest pieces of American
literature ever written. Many have cried censorship in the name of political correctness.

But this isn't a case of political correctness. This is a case of being racially uncomfortable.

The idea that the book would be used if it didn't contain the word "nigger" is preposterous. The book,
which deals directly with racism, is not better served by erasing the racial slur. The only purpose is
to ease the tension that is felt by parents and teachers of students who would read it. To pretend this
is for some higher good is to insult the intelligence of the American public. America is a society in
which our ugly history is not so far gone as to allow for cold, detached analysis. Because of the
mistreatment of everyone who wasn't/isn't white, straight and male, America is constantly defending
itself instead of dealing head-on with the wrongs that it willingly played a role in.

Our society has a problem speaking truth about our attitudes toward race. When the book "Game Change,"
for example, included comments by Harry Reid saying that Obama could win the presidency because he
was a "light-skinned Negro with no negro dialect unless he chose to have one," many people had a
conniption because you're just not allowed to "say" that. Was it true? Absolutely. Scientific studies
have proven a bias -- among blacks and whites -- against dark-skinned people, but for a politician
to state a truth about America and race was unacceptable. Because our
incredibly immature
mind-set can't acknowledge fact without fear of reprisal.

Gee, that reminds me AGAIN of Bill Clinton in 2008 in Carolina.
But let's not go there today.

I think the N-word belongs in the Huck Finn book because that's how it was written.
If it shocks people reading it today (it should) kids need to be educated that the N-word
was once acceptable but we've since learned that Blacks can be surgeons and astronauts
and presidents and every other tough job in the world so the distinction no longer applies.

Dragging the past out into the light is good for America.

I'm reminded of Bugs Bunny with "slanted eyes" doing anti-Japanese cartoons in WWII.
Should those toons be on Saturday mornings for kids to see?  No.
But they shouldn't be hidden because it was patriotic to hate and mock Japan in WWII.

Remember the Three Stooges doing anti-Hitler skits in WWII?
Granted, no racism there, but there WAS racism on the German side.

I'm also reminded of a song racist Charlie Daniels sings, "Long Haired Country Boy,"
where he changed the lyrics from, "But I will take another toke," to "I will tell another joke,"
which makes no sense in the song but Charlie's a Obama-hating asshole now, so fuck him.

Let's not hide from our past.  Let's learn from it.


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