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No demand for "Weak and stupid" Bush
So how does his party mop up in 3 weeks?


Bill Clinton is busy on the campaign trail, helping candidates in races from Florida to Washington state.
His successor, Der Monkey Fuhrer Bush? Holed up in Texas.

Bush left office deeply unpopular and sour on domestic politics. After leaving Washington and returning
to Texas, he has kept a low profile, working on his memoir and appearing only occasionally at paid speeches.
Aides say he has no plans to be a figure in this year's elections, which could see major gains for the GOP.

Republicans, who paid electoral costs in 2006 and 2008 for Bush's unpopularity, are hardly clamoring for
the bastard to join them on the campaign trail. After all, a Whore AP-GfK poll last month found 55 percent
have an unfavorable opinion of Bush and 51 percent blame him for the economic crisis that began on his watch.

While he enjoys popularity with base conservatives, Bush is not necessarily an in-demand figure for candidates
trying to fault Obama and Democrats for the economic mess. Republicans across the nation are trying to lay
the blame for 15 million out-of-work Americans at Democrats' feet.

So, voters KNOW the Bush bastards looted the Treasury and stole everybody's future,
but they're going to punish The Kenyan?    Why?   How do they feel better by rewarding
the evil sons of bitches who stole their house, their job and their life's savings?


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