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No Jobs for Vets - Why?


When Joe Tryon left the Army in early 2009 he assumed his six years as an officer and command experience in Iraq 
would make him an attractive employee. More than a year later, he still hasn’t found a job. "I thought my combat leadership 
would outweigh boardroom experience," the 32-year-old said. "But apparently it does not."

At least part of the reason for that, say veterans groups, is a lingering stigma among some employers who worry what else 
combat troops carry with them: post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, or similar mental health problems. 
Tryon said he heard that concern in several job interviews.

Earlier this week a group of lawmakers led by Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., pushed once again to undo that stereotype, 
proposing legislation to help veterans better showcase their skills to potential employers through job training programs, 
expanded GI Bill benefits and career counseling advice.

"I've had veterans tell me they leave their military status off their resume, for fear of the stigma of the invisible wounds of war,”
Murray said at a press conference Tuesday. “How can these heroes … who know how to lead be struggling to find work 
after they come home?"  The newest unemployment data shows that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are still bearing the brunt 
of the latest economic downturn, finding fewer jobs than their civilian counterparts.
Among all recently separated veterans the unemployment rate now stands at 14.7 percent, well above the national rate of 9.7. 
Among veterans under 24 the situation is even worse; Labor officials estimate that more than one in five could not find work last year.

On the other hand, what good is combat experience and cool under fire at Burger King?
How does courage and adapt-and conquer help you if you're delivering furniture?

When Clinton was president, the military had other problems.
Soldiers left their $27K government jobs to go private and make $80K.(And they hated Clinton for that)

Clinton's economy was so good, they accused him of "decimating our military"
because there were so many great jobs avaialable - wish we had that problem today?

If only the Democrats would list the facts and say, "The economy crashed and there are no jobs because 
Bush borrowed 2 trillion dollars from China to give the super-rich tax cuts - and they're not hiring now.
Tax cuts (and hands-off Wall Street greed) kille dthe economy, but you won't hear that from a Democrat.

Democrats never take advantage of the opportunities they have - because they want to win "fairly."

If Clinton or Obama crashed the economy, the GOP would hammer that 1,000 times a day until there were no Dems left.
But our Dems are too stupid and too unwilling to engage the enemy with the damn facts.

Jesus, I'm sick of playing fair and losing to the do-anything-to-win racist bastards.

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