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No love from the Lefties
  by the Snake Lady


One of the most disgusting things about McConnell and Kyl, and now McCain, is that they are
happy to be co-opted by the radicals in their party to form one movement against President Obama.

On the Republican side, the crazies often end up helping the Republican leadership.
On the Democratic side, the radicals are constantly sniping at Obama, expressing their feelings of betrayal.

Fox built up a Republican president; MSNBC is trying to make its reputation by tearing down a Democratic one.

We’ve known that the left was mad at Obama, but now we know Obama is mad at the left.
Obama and Gibbs are upset that the lefties won’t recognize the necessity of compromise.
The left is snapping back: What necessity? You won 365 electoral votes. You have both
houses of Congress. And bipartisanship is an illusion.

Democrats are not prepared to go the whole way to appease their ideologues.
The Republican leaders on the Hill, on the other hand, seem perfectly happy to go all out.

Yes, the Republicans will go all out to win.
The Democrats miiiight answer the door if victory knocks - it's a possibility.

<>Obama has all that power and he's, apparently, afraid to use it.
He wants TEAM GOP to join him in his magical quest but
they're telling him, "Up yours, Nigger" at every opportunity.
We have the White House, the House and the Senate
but Obama is busy
asking everyone who hates him for permission to make decisions.

The worst part?
Hearing that it might be "good" if the Democrats lose big in November.

Obama seems determined to prove that Democrats can't be trusted with power.
When Bush was in power, he did anything he wanted and his base loved him to death.
Meanwhile, Obama is frozen with fear and the voters might punish him for that.

Obama keeps hitting the greens with his first shot
but then he seven-putts and he's way behind.

Rule #1 - you have to want to win.
So far, Obama hasn't shown us that he knows what Rule #1 is.

When will Obama wake up?

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