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No pity for Dr. Laura
She's Liza Lampanelli without the compassion


Now that public pressure has forced her exit, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the hateful hag of talk radio,
is reinventing herself as a helpless victim of free speech. Her feelings are hurt; how sad for her.
I would venture a guess that she wasn’t worried about hurting the feelings of the woman who
called in to her show, or concerned about the tone of the exchange between them that ultimately
led to her leaving the show.
She certainly didn’t care about others’ feelings when she demonized gay men as pedophiles
—she once said “a huge portion of the male homosexual populace is predatory on young boys”
—or spoke out against adoption by gay couples.

As a whole, Dr. Laura’s recent comments reflected disdain for black people in general and
a view that most, if not all, are angry militants who take marching orders from a scary cabal
of black activist intent on demonizing well-meaning white people. (Like her?)

I'm surprised Laura went out like she did.

When they write her obituary, the first paragraph will say she was once popular
but after screaming "Nigger" at a caller eleven times, she was forced off the air.


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