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Obama Cedes Presidency To Glenn Beck
and it's not the first time he's done it


Consider me disgusted. It is increasingly becoming clear that the USDA official forced out by the
Obama administration was not only pushed out thanks to conveniently edited video, but especially
because the right wing media has President Obama’s extremities in a vice.

If Shirley Sherrod’s story told on CNN is accurate, the Obama administration had Deputy Undersecretary
of Rural Development call Sherrod and had her resign because she would be featured on Glenn Beck’s show.
What the hell is that?

Look, Barack Obama, you’re not in the White House to do Glenn Beck’s bidding. We put you there
to fight for the American people, not placate the right wing nutjobs who nearly ruined this country.
I know you want to bring people together, but that doesn’t mean conceding the government to
neo-McCarthyite like Glenn Beck.

This is appalling, and easily the worst thing that’s been done since you were elected.


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