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Obama: Democratic voter apathy 'inexcusable'
So it's OUR fault that you refused to come to work?


Admonishing his own party, Obama says it would be "inexcusable" and "irresponsible" for unenthusiastic
Democratic voters to sit out the midterm elections, warning that the consequences could be a squandered agenda for years.

Did he really say that?
Hard to believe Obama would use the word "squandered" after his two-year nap.

Gee, wouldn't it be awful if someone was elected to be the most powerful man on the planet
but he was too shy to use that power so his enemies rolled right over him?   Yep, that'd be awful.

'"People need to shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up," Obama told Rolling Stone.
He told Democrats that making change happen is hard and "if people now want to take their
ball and go home, that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place," he said with a straight face.

Hey Barack, your team has been standing on the field for TWO YEARS waiting for their quarterback to show up. 
And now you're going to accuse US of not wanting to come to work?
Are you TRYING to piss us off?

Obama, campaigning this week in four states, is in a sprint to restore the voter passion that helped him win office.

It doesn't work that way.
  You've wasted all this time kissing the butts of the Boner and the Bitch.

You turned your back on your base many times, even sending out Gibbs and Rahm to scold us,
and after two years of neglect you think some last minute "sprint" is going to fix everything?

Sir, are you brand-new to politics?
Don't you have ANY advisors who know politics?

That lady who said she was REAL tired of defending you hit the nail on the had.
I'm not sure why you laughed when she told you the truth about how she felt.
Is she the only person who's told you the truth lately?

The GOP is poised to win seats in the House, if not control of the chamber, and gain ground in the Senate, too.

"It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election," Obama said.

Actually, what's inexcusable is having all that power and refusing to use it.

The president has been telling Democrats to "wake up..."

 You did not say that.

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