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Obama: GOP is lying to you


Arguing doggedly against returning Republicans to power, Obama told Iowa voters Wednesday that
the GOP has been dishonest about what needs to be done to revive the economy and restore middle-class dreams.

"We can't pretend that there are shortcuts," the president said, addressing about 70 voters in a grassy backyard.

<>Seventy voters - really?
He could talk to more Democrats by attending a Bartfest.

I'm so old, I remember when Obama used to speak to 70,0000 voters,
but now he's down to trying to convince people 70 at a time?

"When you look at the choice we face in this election coming up," Obama said, "the other side, what it's
really offering is the same policies that from 2001 to 2009 put off hard problems and didn't really speak
honestly to the American people about how we're gonna get this country on track over the long term."

Five weeks ahead of midterm elections, Obama confronted stark voter angst.  The first question he got
was from a woman who said of her son, a recent college graduate, and his friends,  "They are losing
their hope which is a message you inspired them with."

That sounds like a pretty good speech - too bad he didn't deliever it in August 2009 when America's
house first caught fire.  Obama was nowhere to be found in August 2009, and this Teabagging nonsense
took hold because, with no Democrats fighting back, it was the only story on TV all summer.

Obama ignored it then and he continued to ignore it until about Labor Day, 2010. 

How many House seats will that 13 month vacation cost us?

And once this election is over, will Obama contuniue the attacks on the enemy
or will he go back into that deep sleep only to wake up in September of 2012
in time to scold us for standing on the sidelines?

BTW, they say Rahm might leave as early as Friday.
SURELY his replacement will be better, right?

Obama needs someone to tell him the truth and I think that's his Chief of Staff's job.

Rahm, why are you laughing?
Obama lost 28 approval points working with you.

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