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Subject: Obama & Gulf anger

Bart, I just wanted to address one point you raised in your otherwise excellent rant about Obama's inaction.

You wrote:

> Day after day we see filters and pom-poms and hair and hay a dozen other products that, 
> when shown on live TV seem to clean up the oil quickly and totally - why aren't we aren't using them?

There are two BIG reasons why:

1. Given that this spill now spreads over hundreds of square miles of ocean and, in many cases, consists of 
massive plumes of oil hundreds of feet beneath the ocean surface, how in the heck are we going to deliver 
the huge quantities of hair, pom poms, hay, whatever, to such vast and/or inaccessible locations.

2. Now let's imagine we come up with an answer to the above problem. For example, say we use the hay method.

Assuming it takes at least a pound of hay to soak up a pound of oil (although I suspect it would take more than 
one pound of hay to soak up one pound of oil), then we are talkiing about dumping  at least 160,000 tons of hay 
into the Gulf. The good news would be that we had contained the oil spill, but the bad news would be that we 
now have hundreds of thousands of tons of oil-soaked hay floating around the Gulf.

I am afraid we are damned if we do and damned if we don't....
- Steve from Toledo 

Steve, I'm not sure it's fair to pick out the most cumbersome option and then dismiss all options.
What about those fabrics that trap the oil but the water runs right thru it?

Quitting and giving up aren't options, here.

It's not like we ruined our city block and we can just move across town and forget about it.

It's a hueueueueueueuge project and it'll take years or decades to accomplish
but we gotta start cleaning the Gulf right away and we can't give up.

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