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Obama Jails 'Prince of Pot' 
Why doesn't Obama mind his own business?

The Canadian who mailed seeds will likely face five years in an American federal prison.


For years, his seed catalogs were scrutinized by discerning cannabis cultivators across the U.S. and Canada,

The difference between Marc Emery's pot seeds and countless others on the market was that if you bought Emery's, 
he'd use the money to launch a cannabis tsunami across North America that would set the war on drugs adrift.

"Plant the seeds of freedom, overgrow the government," Emery urged his clients. With a pot plant on every patio, 
he declared, drug gangs would go broke and police could concentrate on chasing the REAL criminals.

Sooner or later, he promised, "they will simply give up and change the laws."

Big mistake - thinking America uses logic to solve our problems.

Well, not yet. Emery, who U.S. authorities fingered in 2005 as one of the top 46 international drug trafficking targets, 
was ordered extradited by the Canadian minister of justice last month and relinquished to federal marshals in Seattle. 
He now faces a likely five years in U.S. federal prison.

Here in Vancouver, where cannabis cafes, head shops and even a supervised needle-injection site exist,
pot is a multibillion-dollar industry. And Emery is widely seen as one of its titans.

His extradition has sparked a sovereignty outcry across Canada, where civil rights advocates and some members 
of parliament have demanded to know why he was handed over to the U.S. for an offense that Canada seldom prosecutes.

How is this any of our business?

America is so arrogant - if anyone in any country does anything we don't like,
we pressure that country to hand them over - even if they're never been here.

Sure, if this was murder or kidnapping that'd be different, but I challenge Obama 
and his eager army of anti-logic goons to explain the "harm" that this guy did.

Sometimes Obama seems like a lost puppy who can do nothing but follow in his master's (Bush) footsteps.
I know Obama didn't start this, but why does he have to imitate Bush when he promised change?

Why couldn't we have at least warned the guy, "End shipments to America or we'll ask for you."
Did we do that or are we just a jail-happy nation that gets off on putting people in cages?

Reminder: Candidate Obama was for legalization, but the minute he got power he turned into "The Man."

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