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Obama Lashes Out at the Left
"This country was founded on compromise"


The “This country was founded on compromise” line was kind of funny. Because he just got done saying
that the Republicans view tax cuts as their Holy Grail and won’t budge on it, so… he moved to them.

The Republicans, then, don’t get the brunt of that broadside about the essential importance of compromise,

Democrats, however, are excoriated because they don’t look enough at the big picture. What the President
doesn’t understand, or doesn’t want to understand, is that the Bush tax cuts are as foundational an issue for
the left as he understands they are for the right. Or perhaps, he knows that he has leverage over the left that
he doesn’t have over the right, and so he uses different standards for each.

Obama says that this wasn’t a road map to how to beat him politically, and that things will be different when
this comes up again in 2012. Also, on the debt limit, he expects John Boehner to be very responsible and not
extract concessions from him in exchange for that vote. Hilarious!

If Obama had an ounce of negotiation in him (Should I bother to finish this sentence?) he could've said,
"I'll give you the two-year tax cuts if I get your word in writing that they'll expire in 2012."

...but he couldn't even manage that.

The Republicans are basically blackmailing the president.
The problem with blackmail is if you ever pay the guy one time, it never stops.

That's where we are with tax cuts.
The GOP doesn't care if the country goes bankrupt.
They want their tax cuts and they don't care what they cost.
They also started two wars with no mechanism to fund those wars.

And let's not forget what Paul Krugman said the other day: (I hope I remember this right)
"The amount of money Obama gave away on those Bush tax cuts
  could fund Social Security for the next 75 years."

But since Obama gave that money away, the GOP will find a way to kill Social Security.
Some asshat like President Palin will say, "I don't have a magic wand - the money's just not there."

Right - Obama gave that money away so I guess Grandma can just eat shit and die.

Thanks, Barack.


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