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Obama - Neocon on Iran
 by Robert Parry 


Whether wittingly or witlessly, Obama is pursuing a neocon-charted path on Iran that parallels the one that 
George W. Bush took to war with Iraq – ratcheting up sanctions against the “enemy,” refusing to tolerate more 
peaceful options, and swaggering along with the propagandistic tough-guy-ism of the major U.S. news media.

The Obama administration is celebrating its victory in getting the UN Security Council on Wednesday to approve 
a fourth round of economic sanctions against Iran. Obama also is expected to sign on to even more draconian 
penalties that should soon sail through Congress.

Obama may be thinking that his UN diplomatic achievement will buy him some credibility – and some time
– with American neocons and Israel’s Likud government, which favor a showdown with Iran over its nuclear program.

However, the end result of the new sanctions may well be a greater likelihood that the debate within the Iranian 
government will tilt toward a decision to proceed with ever-higher-level enrichment of uranium and possibly 
construction of a nuclear bomb as the only means of self-defense.

That may be the opposite of what Obama seeks, but it is what the neocons and Likud 
would cite as justification for another Middle East war.

Interesting - Parry apparently thinks Obama is being too hawkish in Iran while I'm accusing him 
of being an appeaser who's too eager to surrender his lunch money to the bully - who's right?

FOUR TIMES America has added harsher economic sanctions against Iran and Ahmahandjob tells us to "toss off"
yet Parry chides Obama for "refusing to tolerate more peaceful options."   What would those be?

Parry criticizes the "Israel’s Likud government," but he doesn't say what the liberals
in Israel want to do about Iran's approaching nuclear status.

Then Parry rags on the Bush bastards for a while, trying to tar Obama with their crimes - why?
Taking action to prevent a nuclear war doesn't automatically make Obama "another Bush."

Then Parry rags on "hardliners on Iran, from Hillary to Rahm Emanuel" 
while "voices of moderation" if there are any, have been noticeably silent.

Who are these "voices of moderation" and what is their plan for Iran's nukes?
Should Obama beg Ahmahandjob to "play nice?"   Parry doesn't say.

Then Parry blames Hillary for killing Obama's Brazil-Turkey peace agreement.
Is Parry's hatred for Hillary once again clouding his judgment?

Has Obama turned foreign affairs over to Hillary?
Or is Parry accusing Hillary of a White House mutiny?

Parry doesn't say.

Then Parry rags on the Bush bastards again, implying that Obama is just another Neocon
and he does this without ever offering his suggestions for defusing the oncoming crisis.

I'm not 100% certain my naval blockade idea is sound, but where are the counter suggestions?
I'm sticking to my plan until I hear of a better one.

Doing nothing but saying "Your plan sucks" isn't making America any safer.
Bob Parry likes to throw rocks - but what is his answer to the worsening problem?

Does Bob want Obama to "reason" with Ahmahandjob?

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