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Subject: Obama Waking Up

I keep telling you, and one day you'll admit it. 
Obama is doing exactly what he wants to do. 

It's not some mysterious lack of determination that leads him to allow catastrophes to happen. 
It's that he's as determined as a priest stalking a choirboy to maximize the profits of the corporations that own him. 

He's Reagan with extra melanin. 
Hell, Reagan was a conscientious steward of the rights of the lower classes compared to Obama. 
Obama got into office by being a liar, a con man, and a sock puppet for Big Money. 
He's not fighting because to fight would be to fight against himself and his venal principles. 

Give it up, Bart-the Democratic party is as polluted and toxic as the Gulf of Mexico is now. 
I thought George Bush was the nadir of political health and vitality. I was wrong. 
Boy, was I wrong.
 Scott Peterson (no, not that one) 

It's not often I run into someone who makes me look like an optimist.

Sure, Obama is a politician, that goes without saying,
but I'd call him inexperienced and naive before I'd call him a crook. 

Maybe he wasn't ready to be president?

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