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Obama accepts HC blame
What the hell was he thinking?


Blaming himself for coolness to his health care overhaul, Obama is seeking to reintroduce the law
to voters who don't much like or understand it six months after he signed it.

A new poll finds high levels of misunderstanding about what's actually in the law, and more people
opposed than in support. And with crucial midterm elections six weeks away, the only Democrats
running ads about the historic legislation are the ones who voted "no."

Obama ruefully told his listeners, "Sometimes I fault myself for not being able
 to make the case more clearly to the country."

It's possible the President and I are about to have our first big fight.

That last sentence in bold, I believe, is a lie.
It's possible that it's true in some technical sense, but that's not what happened.

Obama refused to come to work, leaving everything in the hands of America's most beloved
politicians, Reid and Pelosi, who went on to add THOUSANDS of pages of bullshit rules that
weren't needed because that's what liberals do with power.They get drunk and spray it around
like a goddamn fire hose.

Why didn't Obama know that?
I wish I could get Obama under oath with a judge who directed him to answer my questions.
I would ask, "Who told you it would be a GREAT idea to turn your historic presidency over to
Reid and Pelosi so their staffs could manufacture a health care bill that was too big to read - or
even hold - and then stuffed with cubic miles of red-tape bullshit that was sure to fail?

On his deathbed, maybe in the year 2049, Obama just might look up and his wife and kids and say,
"How could I have blown such a giant, important opportunity by refusing to come to work?
How stupid was I to allow those two uber-bureaucrats to bureaucratize my presidency and
turn the American people against me after I'd won such a great victory only months before?"

So his statement, "Sometimes I fault myself for not being able to make the case
more clearly to the country"
- isn't that the worst kind of self-serving bullshit?

We all watched it happen live, and now Obama's going to explain what happened?

YOU made the decision to refuse to come to work - nobody did that for you.
YOU put Reid & Pelosi in charge of your legacy - what were ya thinking?

And did you ever consider making the bill small enough to explain?
Why did it have to have 25,000 moving parts?
Why couldn't it have had nine moving parts?
Then you could write the details on your fingers and sell it that way.

I'll bet what happened, some idiot Democrat said, "We haven't had reform in 60 years,
so we should put sixty years worth of of reform in this - the bigger the better, right?"

Maybe you should've gotten Marcia Clark to do a  non-stop, 90-day sales pitch.

Worse of all, every time the Bitch or the Boner said, "That's a non-starter," that part
throw that part out.  At that point,
the Bitch or the Boner knew how easy you'd be to roll.

Then tell us you play poker, Mr President.
I find that really goddamn hard to believe.
How can you play poker if you fold every time someone says "Boo?"

It's possible Obama will get "Tanning booth taxed" out of the White House in 2012.
That would be a super-sad end to a once white-hot political career.

Good thing Bush holds the record for "biggest squandered WH opportunity,"
because without him, you, Sir, would have that distinction, at least the modern one.

I screamed for over a year, "Come to work!  Wake the Hell up!" but nobody listened.

Now Obama's saying "Sometimes I fault myself for not getting out of bed and coming to work."

Wasted opportunities, blown opportunities,  neglected opportunities..
It was all there and you let it slip thru your fingers.

It's very sad.

I just heard yesterday, the GOP unveiled their Pledge to America, a booklet of lies that pretends
 to explain what they'll do if they win - and was it 2,000,000 pages long?

No, it's just 21pages long -  so you know Reid & Pelosi weren't involved.

It's very sad.

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