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Obama - acting like George McFly
  by Bob Cesca


More often than not, I've attempted to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, both in terms of policy and politics.
That's not to say I've embraced every idea -- I most certainly haven't. But even when I've vocally disagreed with
a policy position, I've attempted to see the wisdom and pragmatism behind the president's choices.

But this week I have no blessed clue what the hell he's up to.
I've tried to look at this from every angle and each one leads me back to weak, weak, weak.

He's following rules that no longer exist, pandering to voter attitudes that will have zero consequence in terms
of both his approval numbers and his reelection chances. He's completely off the rails -- well beyond any notion
of post-partisanship. In fact, if his intention has been to "change the way Washington does business," he's currently
and epically failing because I simply can't believe that the new and improved way is this way.’

He looks like he's unable to handle negotiations. He looks like George McFly.

He's capitulating to a fraternity of hooples who are wrong about everything; who deny basic economics;
who deny basic math; who exist for no other reason than to, as DougJ at Balloon Juice described,
win elections "by fighting hard over imaginary issues."

In other words, the Republicans have constructed a political and media machine that allows them to function
with impunity. All of cable news is packed wall-to-wall with Republicans who robotically repeat the same false,
fact-free ideas over and over -- and they're given complete latitude because of the press's self-flagellation over
the myth of the "liberal media."

So what are we going to do?

Do we do nothing and hope we're wrong and that Tally and The Daily Brew are right
when they say Obama's doing a good job of pushing the liberal agenda forward?

What if The Daily Brew and I are right about Obama beating Palin in 2012?
That means what - an agenda of constant surrender to the GOP until 2016?

If the GOP owns Obama, why would they want to run against him in 2012?
Palin won't do what The Bitch and The Boner tell her to do  - she'll have her own agenda.


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