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Obama, Calderon reach deal to allow Mexican trucks in U.S.
This is 'proof' that the 'new world order' has arrived


Eager to show signs of a productive partnership, Obama and Calderon agreed to a phased-in plan
that would authorize both Mexican and U.S. long-haul carriers to engage in cross-border operations
provided the Mexican trucks meet U.S. safety standards. Both countries were given this authority
under the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, but the U.S. has refused to allow Mexican
trucks access amid concerns over their ability to meet stringent U.S. safety and environmental standards.

Mexico has placed higher tariffs on dozens of U.S. products in response to the unresolved dispute.
Under the proposed agreement, Mexico will agree to lift those tariffs in phases, with all tariffs lifted
once the first Mexican carrier receives authorization to travel on U.S. roads.

Negotiating teams, which are still working out details of the plan, are expected to send an agreement
 to Congress this spring.

For years, the black helicopter crazies have been claiming the US is building a giant, 12-lane
super-highway that comes up from, say, Laredo, thru Dallas and OKC and on up to Canada.

One problem with this bonehead theory is I live in Tulsa and I often get to OKC
and I can assure you there's no giant super-highway - but facts don't stop the crazies.

For years, the ultra-Left has been screaming about alllllll the problems with NAFTA
and when I ask them to explain themselves, they sent me twenty links.

That tells me they have no idea what's wrong with NAFTA, but they heard some other
Lefty say it was bad so they throw themselves into the anti-NAFTA debate with a ton of bile
and a half-ton of outrage - but they have no clue what they're outraged about.

Like I tell the Teabaggers - if you have NO IDEA what you're outraged about
maybe it's time to educate yourself so that outrage can be backed up with facts.



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