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Obama and Gulf Anger 
Why does he need advice on 'whose ass to kick'?


These are days of epic foul-ups, colossal crimes, and rip-offs so grandiose they have plunged our entire 
economy into recession. And in the Oval Office sits a silver-tongued president, a born orator and a nuanced 
thinker, a man who was swept into office on the crest of what seemed to be an irresistible movement for "change." 

A year ago he seemed to be the ideal man for the moment, the sort of leader who could sketch out for us, 
in the ringing cadences that are his trademark, a framework for understanding the fantastic villainy of these times. 
He could zero in on the conflict between private wealth and the public good that has defined so many of our crises. 
He could change the narrative, define the era. Today our expectations have fallen so far that we wonder why he 
never seems to get mad, not even at a foreign oil company. Even to figure out "whose ass to kick", as he put it 
on Monday, he must convene a panel of experts.

I was watching a TV show lately that really changed my mind about how Obama is handling this oil spill.

Basically, he's not doing anything, or at least not nearly enough to be considered as passing the test.
The first thing he needs to do is realize how big and fucked up this disaster is.

A few days ago I wondered how this would compare to 9-11.
Already, I think it will swarm 9-11 as far as damage to America, so where is Obama?

Every day on CNN I see inventors or regular people with clean-up ideas.
   Is Obama doing anything with those ideas?

   Day after day we see filters and pom-poms and hair and hay a dozen other products that,
   when shown on live TV seem to clean up the oil quickly and totally - are these being used?.

   These regular people are pouring water and oil into buckets and them using their products
   or ideas to remove the oil INSTANTLY.  I saw one guy on CNN with a roll of fabric that
    collected 100% of the oil and turned 100% of the water into clear-as-day water.
    The CNN guy held the water up to the camera - it was absolutely pure.
    He said he would drink it, but it was sea water - but it was damn clear sea water.

Why isn't Obama asking EVERY oil company to send teams to the Gulf?
    What is he waiting for?  Things to get really serious?

Why isn't he asking other countries to send teams?
    The Gulf is about twice the sixe of Texas - we need tons and tons of help.

Why isn't Obama asking EVERY American with an ocean-worthy boat to join the efforts?
    We have 50 million gallons or more that need cleaning - Obama seems to not get that.
    Obama should be offering $1,000 a day (experts could decide if that's reasonable) to individual 
    boat owners to get out on that water with those oil vacuums and cloth oil-eaters we see on TV.

Why isn't Obama asking every couintry in the world to loan us their "booms" or whatever
    you call those containment balloons?  We need help and we needed 52 days ago.
    Why is Obama acting like this is no big deal?

  Idle vacuum equipment could be suctioning oil

GULFPORT, MS — Vacuum trucks sit idle in a BP staging area on Canal Road, when they could

be deployed on barges to suck up oil before it reaches shore — an idea that appears to be working in Louisiana.

Gulfport company Keith Huber Inc., which manufactures vacuum equipment, said oil can be sucked up, 
separated from seawater and recycled rather than sent to landfills.

“The dent it would make would be incredible, just to put those trucks on the barges,” company President 
Suzanne Huber said. Huber has been proposing the use of vacuum trucks since April 27, but the idea 
appears to be gaining attention only now.

My single biggest problem with Obama is he's NOT a fighter.
    He thinks a smile and a wave will solve problems and that's crazy naive.
    He lets Boner and The Bitch walk all over him and now he's letting BP do the same.

There are times when panic is the right thing - like when your house is burning.
    If the White House caught fire, would Obama sit down and intellectize a plan? 
    From his Gulf inaction, I must assume he would.
    Me?  I'd grab the kids and the wife and bolt.

Do we have any indicators that Obama is looking at preventing further damage?
   Has he ordered Salazar to inspect every oil pumping station in the ocean?
   Or is he crossing his fingers and hoping and praying that nothing else happens?
   Is he hoping BP doesn't have a hundred more time bombs like this one?

   What will it take to wake Obama up?

   As far as we know now, we have lost the Gulf of Mexico.
   It's possible the fishing industry won't come back in our lifetimes, yet Obama is taking his time, 
   calling for commissions and attempting to "study the problem" but the answer is as clear as the Gulf used to be.

   Obama is doing a poor-to-half-ass job at stopping this biggest of all environmental disasters
   Someone needs to light a fire under his ass because we're almost TWO MONTHS PAST taking care of this.

   What is Obama waiting for?

   And before you get angry with me for asking these questions,
   why not answer the questions and THEN get mad at me? 

   We have 30 million people who can't find work.
   We have millions and millions of boats - why not put the two together?

   What will it take to wake Obama up?

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