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Subject: Obama and race

I have a question.
Could you go a week without choosing to identify the motives of Obama opponents as being racist?

Could a Tulsa weatherman go a week in July without saying, "It's hot?"
When his opponents are unable to say why they hate him, what else should we assume?

Just on the off chance that some of us sincerely do oppose quadrupling the budget deficit,
treating our allies like enemies and vice versa, or having the bureaucrats who have mishandled
the Gulf Spill administer health care to those we love.

Everyone in America is against quadrupling the deficit.
To suggest he's doing that for fun makes me wonder how sincere you are.
When you go to the dentist, is that proof you enjoy pain?

To suggest our health care system didn't need fixing makes me wonder how sane you are.
If you are so wealthy you don't need insurance, I could see your point, but most of us

need insurance because a trip to the hospital could bankrupt mosty families.

Do you actually believe that if your gal Hillary had been elected and implemented a similar agenda,

conservatives would be any less irate? Or would we seamlessly transition from being racist to being misogynist?

The second one.
Your party is held together by hate - that's all you've got. Well, maybe greed, too.

Your side can't attack on the facts so you go right for the color and the misogyny.
Your side attacks Obama by saying, "We want our country back," which means nothing.
If you have a legitimate bitch, why can't you say what it is?

Were you against decifit spending when Bush turned Clinton's surplus into a deficit?
Funny, you didn't write when Bush was torching the house, but when a Black guy wants to
spend money on a hose, you write to accuse him of spending like a drunken sailor.

If that's not about race, what's it about?

I criticize Obama, too and nobody's calling me a racist (lately) because I list the things
I think he's doing wrong instead of yelling insults at him - have you tried that approach?

If you set aside the racial angle just as an intellectual exercise, could you still defend the Obama record?

<>You have that backwards: If YOUR side could get past race, we could work together.

At his Tuesday press conference
, Obama said the Republicans who co-sponsored a financial bill
dropped their support when Obama said he agreed with them.  They have so demonized him
that anyone caught agreeing with him gets thrown out of the party.  Is that Obama's fault?

Your party's position is that Obama is more dangerous than Al Qaeda, the Russians and Hitler.
How is he supposed to work with loons who are that unhinged?

If his opponents were well-meaning patriots instead of deplorable stormtroopers who masturbate while
staring at eight by ten glossies of the Fuehrer, would there still exist a case to be made for Obama?

If your side could put down the glossies of the Fuehrer we might find out.

Do you realize that Reagan would be too liberal for today's GOP?
Reagan used to say "Half a loaf is better than no bread."
Today's GOP says, "We'd rather starve than eat with that nigger."

I think Democrats are going to do OK in November.
Voters know your side is crazy and getting crazier by the day.

<>How do you think the GOP will do in November? 


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