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Obama and the Hood 


A few years ago my wife and I attended a conference at Hampton University, where then Senator Obama spoke.
He cautioned his listeners not to forget, “…where they came from. That is, one day you black men may leave
the Hood. But never forget that originally you were born and grew up in the Hood.”

What garbage! Barak Obama wasn’t born in the “Hood,” he never lived in the “Hood” and he never experienced
first hand the drugs, violence and poverty of the “Hood.” He grew up in a “non-Hood” white family, attended
private boarding schools not public schools, and went to two Ivy League colleges: Columbia and Harvard Law. 
So isn’t it being dishonest for a man who has no experience living in the Hood to be admonishing others to
revere their Hood experience?
Obama was born just as the civil rights struggle of the 60s was ending and never had to fight for his civil rights.
He never felt the full sting of racial segregation and is unable to identify with those of us who did, no matter what
he says he dreamed about and no matter what he wrote about. Our ancestors came to this country on slave ships,
not on airliners from Kenya. It is therefore impossible for Obama to share in America’s black experience because
none of his ancestors lived it nor were they ever slaves on America’s southern plantations.

Actually, Obama didn't say "we" were born and grew up in the hood, he said "you" were.

Not sure what this guy's bitch is.
Since he's bi-racial, Obama gets that race attack from both sides.

And it wasn't Obama's fault where he grew up.

<>You grow up where your parents live - period.  And if Obama didn't exhort Black men to
"never forget where you came from" they'd bitch about that, too.

Did you see Jon Stewart last week when FOX was screaming at Obama for going on The View when he
could've used that time to address the Boy Scouts, instead?   Jon said to those FOX assholes,,
"Nothing Obama does will ever make you fucking happy."

Now, if we could only get Obama to understand that.


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