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Obama caves on Net Neutrality
  Tuesday Betrayal Assured
   by Timothy Karr at HuffPo


Late Monday, a majority of the FCC's commissioners indicated that they're going to vote
with Chairman Julius Genachowski for a toothless Net Neutrality rule.

According to all reports, the rule, which will be voted on during tomorrow's FCC meeting,
falls drastically short of earlier pledges by Obama and the FCC Chairman to protect the free and open Internet.

The rule is so riddled with loopholes that it's become clear that this FCC chairman crafted it
with the sole purpose of winning the endorsement of AT&T and cable lobbyists, and not
defending the interests of the tens of millions of Internet users.

Welcome to AT&T's Internet.

You big-time Obama fans won't believe me when I say I'd rather run positive Obama stories.

Each time Obama does a flip-flop and/or breaks a promise, our country suffers another cut
so I'm not enjoying this almost-failed presidency.  I would certainly rather run stories that say
"Ha ha, my man Obama stung you sons of bitches again!" but when do I get that chance?

It seems like whenever he gets involved in something, you can make more money
by betting that he'll cave in than you can make betting on him to win.

Even when something good happens, like the repeal of DADT,
I gotta wonder what he gave them to get that victory.

Besides 'wanting to go home for Christmas,'
can anybody tell me HOW Obama got the votes for DADT?

...or do we not want to know?


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