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Obama raids pot shops
Doesn't he have anything else to do?


Federal raids of medical marijuana dispensaries in Southern California, Nevada and elsewhere haven't
ceased just because Obama ordered federal authorities to stand down. No, they've continued, only they've
done so without the kind of press releases and press conferences that were a hall mark of the Bush years.

If Obama issued a stand-down order, why are they not following it?
Jesus, I wish Obama had the capability to get angry sometimes.
Is he going to allow this insubordination to continue?

That's according to the Daily Caller, which takes a look at how recent pot-shop raids in states where
medical marijuana is legal -- against an Obama directive issued last October -- have been lacking in
U.S. Justice Department publicity. The most recent federal raids happened in Las Vegas last week.

Federal officials told the Caller there has been no change in policy in terms of publicizing the raids.
But just one look at the DOJ's or DEA's press release archives will tell the story.

Garrison Courtney, the head of communications for the DEA from 2005-2009, tells the Caller,
"If you look at the DEA website, there are a lot of [Bush-era] news releases from San Francisco
and Los Angeles. We were pretty aggressive in talking about the different dispensaries and the fact
that they were operating in violation of federal law.

Now? Not so much.

Obama said he was for decriminalization - to get elected.
Once he took power, he changed his mind and that pisses me off.

It figures he'd take a strong stand against people inhaling harmless flower vapor
but he's wishy-washy when it come to kidnapping, torture, sanctioned murders, etc.


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