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Obama speaks Republican
 by William Rivers Pitt


We have a president who goes out of his way to defend and protect the war criminals who populated
the previous administration. We have a president who goes back on his word and allows tax cuts for
rich people to survive, despite the rank hypocrisy of the supporters for such tax breaks, supporters who
refuse to fund health care for 9/11 responders and unemployment benefits for people who have been
long out of work, all out of a concern for the deficit, supporters who then turn on a dime and explode
that deficit with irresponsible giveaways to people who absolutely, positively do not need the money.

The Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal has fallen to dust. The DREAM Act has collapsed. The president is
speaking perfect Republican with his talk of simplifying the tax code, freezing federal wages, and best
of all, his feral attacks on his own supporters for having the gall to try and hold him to his word.

Mr. Obama lavishes praise and apologies all over his opponents, even as they try to annihilate him,
while attacking viciously the people who wore out shoe leather and gave money they couldn't afford
to give in order to see him into the office he has thus far not graced at all.  Perhaps worst of all,
the same insanely right-bent Republican Party Mr. Obama has been playing footsie with will take
control of the House of Representatives after the New Year. 

As bad as things are now, they are about to get a whole lot worse.

I could be wrong but I think my good friend WR Pitt was once wild about Obama.
If I remember correctly, during the summer of 2008 he sent me a Hillary challenge of some sort.

I didn't find it until much later and I wrote to him that I regretted missing out on the opportunity
to tangle with someone of Pitt's intelect (compliment)

Like Gene Lyons said the other day, I never saw Obama as the Messiah
so my feelings didn't get hurt when he eventually pulled off his mask.


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