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Obama - take it or leave it
That sounds a lot like Bush


For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of President Obama.

I'm not particularly proud of the tax-cut deal he and the Republicans negotiated.
But I'm proud that he has finally stood firm against the likes of Peter DeFazio.

DeFazio, a backbencher from Oregon and one of the hard-core liberals in the House,
authored Thursday's Democratic caucus resolution that attempts to prevent the tax compromise
from coming to a vote.

"We're standing up to him," DeFazio exulted. He claimed "nearly unanimous" opposition to
the tax package - a curious assertion when only 54 of 255 House Democrats signed a letter opposing the deal.

But rather than caving in to liberals' complaints and allowing Democrats on Capitol Hill to take
the lead - as Obama did to his peril over the past two years - he has pushed back with the full force
of his office. In private persuasion and in public talk, the White House has delivered to disgruntled liberals
a message summed up by Joe Biden in a private session with lawmakers on Wednesday: Take it or leave it.

It figures that the only time we see some backbone from this president
is when he tells the members of his own party to fuck off.

Who is Obama going to ask for help in 2012?


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