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<>Obama vs right-wing militias
The crazies even want to kill Dax


"When exploiting public fear of Islam, as so many Republicans have chosen to do in this election cycle,
a favorite tactic is to treat "American Muslim" as a synonym for "homegrown terrorist." But the threat of
jihadi attack is not the only form of violent extremism that worries law enforcement officials. According to
an extensive investigation by Barton Gellman posted Thursday on the Time magazine website, they are
deeply concerned about the growing prospect of violence from the far right.

Last spring, conservatives angrily denounced a Department of Homeland Security study of the violent potential
of the revived militia movement as a political abuse by the Obama administration -- and forced DHS Secretary
Janet Napolitano as well as the White House to back away from the report. But Gellman's reporting shows that
top officials at the FBI and other agencies are in fact deeply concerned over that possibility. While they don't
expect a mass militia assault on Washington or on federal officials in the countryside, they worry about what a
deranged loner, armed and trained by a militia group, might do when he becomes impatient waiting for the
right-wing revolution. As they listen to the furious rhetoric emanating from organizations such as the
Ohio Defense Force, they search nervously for any sign of the next Timothy McVeigh.

Obama should announce that he has NO INTENTION of grabbing guns from these loons.

In thousands of gun shops all over America they have photoshopped signs of Obama as Hitler.

Last time I was in a gun shop, I was in a froggy mood so I asked the heavily-armed dude listening to
Rush the vulgar Pigboy if he seriously thought Obama was going to grab his guns (when he's never even
mentioned going after guns) and his reply was, "He'll do that in his second term."

That's how loons think:
Since there's no evidence at all that Obama wants to grab their guns,
they predict the future because that's how you fool a delusioned loon.

<>I realize thinking ahead is POISON to our brain-dead Democrats, but if Obama reassured these
loons that he's NOT coming after their guns, they'd have to calm down a little - wouldn't they?

They say Gore lost his home state in 2000 because the right-wing loons in Tennessee were
CONVINCED that President Gore would take their guns, but, of course, he LET them think that
because Democrats have broken brains that can't reason or think things thru.

How does the science and logic party lose elections to the party of superstitious handjobs?


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